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Patna Super 30 | | IIT - JEE / Medical | In House Preparatory Institute

New Batch Starting On 10th May 2017
Welcome to Patna Super 30 For
IIT-JEE And "NEET"(Medical)
In House Preparatory Institute.

We hope it will give you a flavour of our Institute and reflect, to some extent, the energy, vibrancy and fun we have here, staff and pupils alike. We are very proud of the boys / girls here and their excellent academic, sporting and artistic achievements. However, it is the tangible sense of positivity that ripples through the Institute which really makes PATNA SUPER 30 stand out..

Last Date of Application 4th Jun 2017. For Scholarship cum Admission Test on 05th June 2017 for 12th Passed/Appearing "Target Course". for any query contact +91 9934303045.

Patna Super Thirty |

With a view to talents at an early age, this institute began its journey in under the auspices of Mission for Humanity Public Charitable Trust with 21 enrolments, out of which 12 made it finally to JEE.

In a rare blend of its kind, we, at PST have tolled and endeavoured over a couple of years to evolve out a mechanism that catapults a potential JEE/AIPMT(Medical) aspirants into the elite league. At junior level, it takes two extra months to come at par with their higher rivals, at the entrance Test held by PST, for the last two years. Here, at PST, we induct 30 aspirants for a two year in-house intense preparation for JEE/Medical. In fact, it is a slog of two year, whereas our surgeons perform a set of operations for your optimum performance at the fields. Through, our specially designed Admission Test, we naturally select the Best.Depending upon their performance in the Admission Test held at PST

Like elsewhere, here too, our motto is simple more and more practice gives one almost everything needed to hit the bar-speed, excellence, and experience. In fact, in a span of 18-20 months, the aspirants undergo the same level of stress, prior to the original one, more than 100 times. Naturally, things become easy. Might sound a bit bizasse to some when one calls a rather difficult job/target 'easy'.

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